Our favourite giant bubble recipe

We had an amazing time at the Detroit Maker Faire this weekend. One of our activities was showing people how to blow giant bubbles. Now when we say giant, we mean giant. Using this recipe you can easily blow bubbles that are 10-20 feet long.

Full credit goes to the Youtuber NightHawkinLight for creating this amazing recipe. Watch his Youtube video for a full walk-through for how to create it.

His basic recipe is:

24 oz Dishwashing Liquid
1 tbsp J-Lube (a harmless powder used in veterinary medicine)
3 US gal Water

Finding J-lube powder can be a little tricky in Canada. Amazon Canada sells it for nearly $80, but Amazon US sells it for $22.45 and will deliver it to Canada. A little of the powder goes a long way since you only use 1-2 tbsp per bubble batch.

We also recommend buying bamboo poles at a dollar store to construct your bubble blowing apparatus.

We’re looking forward to showing more Londoners this awesome bubble recipe, because let’s be honest, everyone loves blowing bubbles.

-The MakerBus Team